Attitude Indicator points wrong way


Just me - and the controller. The MP is static on the floor.


My phone compass is usually out on other apps until I do some figure of 8 movements.


Mine is pretty accurate. Used it to orient the new TV aerial. :wink:


My old phone S7 was pretty good but S8 not so much.

Right now on Google maps I’m 90 degrees out.


Turning (me and phone and RC) around completely … (681.6 KB)


On the icons up top right you have a compass with lock symbol, what happens if you unlock it?


That will let the map rotate too.


Voila! (2.5 MB)

I’m sure I do more MP/RC recharging from checking things for here than I do from flying! :confused:


Complete disclosure - I’ve tried it on the battery when it gets low too - never works :wink:


That only swaps it between the indicator and video (if map is main screen - map if video is main screen).


I’ve tried that - never works!
(It does however, make me look like some sort of nutter trying to cast a spell when I’ve tried it in the local park with the phone in the controller and with a mahoosive XR antenna)
Which looks like this…

And then I usually try a couple of 360 spins on the spot whilst holding it at arms length…
I must look like a mobile Radar :man_facepalming:


My usual drone-phone’s compass never worked from day 1. Nor on the 3 replacements I received because of it. In the end I got a 50% refund and they lost track of a replacement that arrived 3 months later.
I thought that was a reasonable deal.
So - for the above I was using my newer phone - that was a free replacement for a warranty repair (on one of the previous two) that they couldn’t get parts for … and the compass is fine.
Not bad really … 3 phones that are listed @ £200 each, all for £100. :stuck_out_tongue:


(Apologies to ED-209 - Sorry! - I should of read the 1st post a bit slower before posting my 1st reply)
Does the AC not point to an accurate compass heading?
(Check with google maps rather than rely on your Phone)


Attitude indicator? Is that what it’s called?

Mines never worked, not on any drone I’ve ever owned, and not on any combo of remote/screen/device from iPads up to CrystalSkys.

I have no idea what that icon is or does and I too have paid no attention to it as it seems to pretty much have a mind of its own :man_shrugging:


Does the CrystalSky have a compass?


It has both a compass and GPS :+1:t2:

They’re both shit though, clearly :rofl:


I think some people operate with their screen very vertical … and the compass is never going to be much cop on that screen.

I’m the same tho - never use that “thing” myself.


When It works it’s fantastic - it helps orient you with the AC. It’s a very misunderstood part of DJI Go.
I use it VERY regularly - you all should too!
When in Sport mode it will show you the power output of the AC in % - you can see how much you have left in the tank when fighting wind.
Don’t forget, the AC speed is limited by DJI regardless of the wind direction and strength. If you’re in flight, and the Attitude indicator shows the AC is flying at 90% - 100% on the attitude indicator, its time to land. I believe normal % is between 70% to 80%
Percentage of power used is ONLY shown in Sport mode and ONLY when you change to the Attitude indicator.
I’ve been flying in Sport mode with the wind at 70KPH @65% only to come home against the wind at 50KPH @100% on a few occasions.
(Apologies if you know this #suckeggs)


I find the map more than adequate - which is nearly always minimised, too. Never had an issue - even at considerable range.


Due to my antenna setup (bit like yours @DTH ) I tend to always be facing the same direction as the drone. Plus, as mentioned, the compass doesn’t seem to be up to much :blush:

I also use the line(s) it plots on the map too :+1:t2: