August 23rd Mavic Pro 2?

From DJI Website
Looks like we have not long to wait now !
The opening 5 seconds,give us a clue !

Does anyone know if there will be live stream of the launch?


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Usually is, I would think from the website.
Don’t worry ,the net will light up and hour later !

Hehe yes I expect so.
Very exciting to see what they will deliver.
Mind you I am very happy with my Air :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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Oh! By the way, a big welcome @jw33679 to our forum !

Get your credit cards ready Guys!

And your Argos catalogue!

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@chrisjohnbaker Many thanks for the warm welcome!!!

it better be badly designed, full of bugs and laggy.
I deliberated for nearly a week when i got my MP whether to fly it or return it and wait.

And expensive, i demand expensive


That works for me … they can make loads of money from other people and use that to bring out a £500 MP3 in a couple of years! :+1:

In a couple of years £500 Might not even cover the VAT

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Or a battery

Nah - a 19" colour TV in the late 60s cost £400 - twice what they are now, numerically … and bout 20 times in real terms. I’m sure the same will happen to Mavics! :wink:

Edit: Oh, hang on!!! I’ll be 118 in another 50 years! #EEK

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I’ll be interested to see it, but I think I’ll be sticking with the Pro for 12 months. I’ll be able to justify the expense then, plus there will be a few firmware updates and user experiences to rely on. I have high hopes for that 1” sensor though. Could be a game changer.

There’s a good chance the firmware in the MP3 will take a long time for the clever people to crack to enable …. “enhanced features”, too. :wink:


Does the wife know…


Russia will sought it or Trump in a few days

I dunno. Every attempt they make to prevent roll-backs and hacks takes longer … and their aim is to prevent anyone doing so.
A new model is an opportunity for firmware to have been totally redesigned.
So - not before the 26th. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope they improve the RC in several ways ….
a) a better way of gripping devices of varying thickness
b) not covering the camera
c) not covering the home button (Android - same on iOS?)
d) ability to hold a larger range of device sizes - phones and tablets
e) a simple/small video display in case of device disconnection, and possibility to use (better) without a device.

f) Separate charge and data micro USB sockets that are also standard shape!