Australia - Drone Licensing from July 1st 2019

I follow very little on Mavic Pilots, and rarely click a single link from their weekly summary email. But yesterday I saw one entitled Australia - Drone Licensing from July 1st 2019 and thought I see what the colonies were doing.

The thread had already reached 3 pages, and was heavily into Aussie acronyms, without me seeing anything that addressed the foreign visitor’s situation. So I asked.

The response contained the legislation verbatim … lots of it … but also a useful summary, that I quote …

OK, that’s the proposal in C.A.S.A.'s own words. What it amounts to is this. If you are visiting Australia as a tourist then you will need to provide all the information required on your aircraft as if you were registering it but it will be marked as “permitted to fly in Australia” not “registered”. It is expected at this point that you will be able to do this in real time online and that it will most likely be the same $20 for as many aircraft as you like for a year.

… followed by a similar summary for commercial use.

I’d suggest anyone with plans to go to Oz with their drone keep an eye on that thread. It’s one of the more sane threads over there. = no 'mercan involvement. :wink:

Interesting that their new legislation seems to have been triggered by Google’s first delivery service.


yep,had an email,confirming this from family,but think i will be ok…I think this will become commonplace in most countries,in the next year or so,just glad i can buy my drones here,and not pay our Australian prices,which are insane! :rofl::rofl: