Autel evo 2 - Removing encryption from Photo/Video files

After the last software update on my evo 2 8k drone, when I finished photographing and filming, I did not have access to the video and photo files, the answer was that the format is not recognized. I mention that the files correspond in size but cannot be read neither from the drone nor from the computer. I reinstalled the original software after sd but without any result. Can you help me restore normal operating parameters of the Autel Evo 2 drone.

Unusual that both the photos and videos cannot be opened.

Usually you’d expect problems with the videos, but never the photos.

Can you format the SD card in the drone and try again? Or do you really need to recover the files from the card?

Have you got a spare card you can format in the drone and test? In case it’s a card issue?

Are you able to use WeTransfer to make one of the photo files available, please?

Users can encrypt all photos and videos stored on the drone, so if the aircraft is lost on a mission, the footage can’t be stolen. From the Security tab in the Settings menu, select Media Encryption. You’ll be prompted to set a password and then configure the SD card or internal storage. In order to use the footage, you’ll have to decrypt the media after the mission.

After updating the software with I know with can I disable this encryption function and because of this I can't see photos or videos. Can you help me?. Thank you
I didn't download any photo or video files because I was waiting for information from someone who can help me unlock this encryption option.
I'm interested in being able to disable this encryption option, I won't be able to see encrypted photos or videos. Thank you

Are you able to use WeTransfer to make one of the photo files available, please?

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But you’ve only just mentioned the encryption option.

Are you hoping to see the encrypted photos and videos you already shot, or is it that you want to turn the option off for future photos/videos?

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Now I am aware of the encryption setting you’ve been using, there’s no need to send or upload an example file.

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@NIKCNN I’ve updated the topic title to better describe what you’re wanting to do.

You’ll not find a publicly available method for breaking the encryption.

Do you have a budget for this? If so, we can put you in touch with some “security researchers”.

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