Autel EVO & Evo-On-The-Go Bundle

Autel Evo & Evo-On-The-Go Bundle - £760 Delivered

Autel Evo - 4K 60FPS
16GB Sandisk Extreme Micro-SD Card
Controller - With 3" OLED (live video display - No phone required)
Full set of spare props
IOS lead
Micro-USB lead

(The EVO On-The-Go Bundle includes the following)

Shoulder Bag (x1)
EVO Battery (x2)
EVO Propellers (One Pair)

Range is pretty much the same as my Mavic when it was in CE mode
(but without any of that Aeroscope monitoring palava or NFZ’s)

60FPS in 4K - much smoother than the Mavic.

When in Normal mode it’s a fair bit quieter than the M2 - when in Ludicrous mode, (45MPH), it’s louder than the M2 in Sport mode

Also, being bright Orange it is a lot more visible than the Mavic when in the air :+1:

For sale due to me having too many drones :man_facepalming:
(And I’m after a Mavic Mini for Christmas :innocent:)

The following photos are for size comparison only! The M2 / FPV quads are not included :wink:
Although the M2Z (with Permanent FCC) is also for sale, I’ll post it up shortly :+1:




Great bit of kit,and a good price!!! Would of had that straight off you,had i not already got an Evo…:+1::+1::+1:

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Cheers m8 - It’s a nice bit of kit :+1:

(I’ve got another 4 frame kits coming from the USA and somethings got to give :rofl: )

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THIS :point_up_2:t2: