Autel Evo Smart Controller (leak)

2000nits :+1:t2:

Puts it on par with the CrystalSky Ultra :clap:t2:


This appears to be a common approach within the commercial/enterprise market. HereLink and Skydroid, and probably a few others, are manufacturing similar systems.

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It’s what I’ve been waiting for,:+1:

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I emailed Autel, asking when this will be released.

I thought they’ll either deny it exists completely, or they’ll ignore my email.

They replied with:

On 10 Apr 2021, at 22:59, Evan Applegate wrote:

Hello Rich

Thank you for contacting Autel Robotics. Unfortunately, we do not have even a soft release date for the smart controller quite yet. We appreciate your continued patience.


Evan Applegate
Outreach Specialist

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They didn’t deny it :thinking:

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Did you offer beta testing, I’ve tried lots, some do most don’t, but of you don’t ask you don’t get

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Wow! I’m now in line for one - as long as it can support my EVO 1. I so nearly bought a Yuneec Typhoon H for its spectacular controller (and retracting undercarriage) but reluctantly forsook it for the superior camera on the EVO.

Lol :rofl:

No, I didn’t.

But I’ve just replied to Evan and asked the question :smiley:

It’s great, isn’t it?

@stevesb brought his to a north west meet last year and I fell in love instantly.

With the controller.

Not Steve.

(soz mate)


@PingSpike - maybe you could ask him to look at a retracting undercarriage too? Oh, and a UK branch.

Incidentally, I was corresponding with Evan last week about accessing the flight log of my crashed zone and he told me I couldn’t unless I had registered an account with them, which I hadn’t. But when I registered my new drone yesterday, I found I could also access the flight logs of my old drone so maybe he was just brushing me off and limiting his liabilities.


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Gutted. :rofl::rofl:
Great bit of kit the controller just needs better connectivity.

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Hi-res brochure in the wild:

Autel Smart Controller Brochure_bis.pdf (30.3 MB)

Looks very nice, love that big screen!

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Quick start guide found in the wild :blush:

Autel-Smart-Controller.pdf (2.6 MB)

Eight mile range.

The Autel Smart Controller appeared on the FCC database yesterday: