AUTEL have shot themselves in the foot!

Hi,it seems that AUTEL have shot themselves in the foot.Yes i know there are a couple of new mavic 2s on the way,but by all accounts,the autel evo is pretty decent bit of kit,but to not sell it outside the usa in insane, i am sure they would sell many here in the uk and europe.I was going to buy one,added to my cart,only to see on shipping £283 added for taxes ect.cancelled the purchase there and than,absolutely a rippoff,shame as i really wanted to get my hands on one of those.


I missed that part Tony!

Got any more details on that announcement @FIREFOX ?

And you’re talking about their Evo, right?

Hiya pingspike,Yes am talking about the EVO and when you go on the autel robotics website,it only ships in the us,as i was going to order directly from them.THAN i tried online shops in the us,some were happy to ship to uk,but again stupid high taxes:rage::rage:Yes i could still buy it,but not prepared on principle to be ripped of just so some irk can say yes you can bring it in:rage::rage:

As an aside think i will be buying the new mavic 2 with 1 inch sensor though,just not decided yet if i will sell my platinum,or keep it for backup,decisions,decisions eh:grinning::grinning: have got it for $999 and $245 import duty and fees. Not sure if that’s a good price or not.

Even if Autel sold to European markets you would still have the 20% VAT on top of the USA price.

I did fancy one but think I’ll wait for Mavic 2 to drop in price.

Hi callum looked there also,and yes still getb ripped off on vat ect.AS FAR AS MAVIC 2 goes,think your correct wait for the price to drop:+1:t2:I will wait until its been out for awhile,to see if it has any issues or bugs,Than will pull the trigger when reports are good.Until than,my trusty ,but glichy mavic platinum,and spark will serve me well.i hope!:grinning:

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Better off that way sometimes. Let others be the beta testers.

I’m hoping it’s released this year then we might start to see some discounts next spring or summer.

Lets hope your correct and yes,letting others be DJI,beta testers is a good idea:grinning:Will still keep my eyes out for an autel evo though,if one comes up for sensible price as still fancy adding one to the fleet.:grinning:Sometimes i wish i had never heard of drones ,as am totally and,hopelessly hooked :astonished:In my case,consider disposable income disposed of:laughing::laughing:Mission accomplished!!

Wen through Amazon checkout of curiosity

This one surprised me.

How the hell can they offer a 4 year insurance policy on a drone for that price!

Sounds like they’re considering it a ‘normal’ digital camera? (rather than a drone!)