Award-winning drone photographer in London

Hi all
Thanks for the invite. Glad to be here. I’m JC, a London-based photographer. Experienced photographer but a drone newbie. Recently bought my first drone - Mavic 2 Pro - which I use mainly for stills shots. One of my first efforts won the Daily Telegraph Big Picture last month, which was pretty cool as I’ve never managed to win that with my ‘normal’ cameras, despite several attempts.

Not sure I’ve succesfully uploaded it here, but you can see it online:

Look forward to taking part.



Hi John and welcome to GADC.

Good to have you with us.

Hello and welcome John @Jaycee360

Hey Jaycee

Nice to see you here, welcome onboard.

Hi @Jaycee360 and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:

Where abouts in London are you based?

Hi! Thanks. I live in Chiswick, west London.
Am up for meetups if there are any arranged.

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Hi, welcome to grey arrows

Many thanks Roy… am up for any meets that may be arranged. Looking forward to taking part in here.

Hi @Jaycee360 warm welcome to GADC :wave: and what a great photo to start with :+1:

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