Aylesbury drone

Hi all I’ve just got back in to the hobby after a number of years away
I have a mini 3 pro and would like to get to know any drone pilots in my area and where they fly

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Welcome once again!

Hi Ken and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

Thank you

@Kenb Hi Ken welcome to the club

Hi do you get any issues when flying with landowners council etc

Welcome back :+1::+1:

Thank you looking forward to getting back in the air where do you fly locally ? Any problems from landowners / council etc ?

I live in a village outside Aylesbury, take a look at my more recent videos for place not far frm Aylesbury.

My youtube channel

Thanks will have a look

Hi Ken ,I’m also in aylesbury ,quite a few places locally ,waddesdon manor, ascott house,mentmore,the Chilterns to start with.give me a shout if you get stuck

Here’s one from this morning

@Kenb welcome from Middlesbrough

Thanks for the info did you have any issues with landowner permission in waddesdon manor as I remember from when I flew before the Rothschild estate refused permission and it wasn’t possible to find public land within VLOS

@Kenb You shouldn’t have any issues from Councils Ken as they dont have any Byelaws according to Simons FOI response. Ignore their policies, I do!

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To be honest nobody has challenged me I tend to be out early and never ask permission if you get approached apologize and move on , try to find a fly spot out of the way .for waddesdon manor there is a great layby on A41 as you out of waddesdon you can fly from there as it’s not national trust

Hi thanks for that
When I used to fly they quoted 2 old byelaws relating to bedgrove park and another park but they related to model aircraft
And a newer one from bucks cc relating to 4 country parks none of which were in Aylesbury again only mentioned model aircraft and kites
They also have pspo regarding nuisance
But like you say nothing that would seem enforceable

Hi Ken - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

If you use what three words here’s my spots for flying
Hartwell House. ///milky.runner.lush
Waddesdon manor.///trump.cult.dogs
Ascot house.///budgeted.cackling.campers