Aztech Drones and UFO collaboration

Two man team on the Inspire 2 best of the bad bits lol



How easy is it to fly with a dedicated camera operator? I’m not sure I could leave creative control to someone else and I bet they would find much wrong with my piloting.

Have you got an FPV rig on the aircraft or do you fly by eye? There appeared to be a close fly by at one point which, with FPV and the main camera rotated backwards, would be easy …

It’s inspire 2 wich has the fpv cam on and on that tree line shot we had the 45mm lens on it looks like your on top of things I was prob 30ft away The lens is 90mm equivalent :+1:

I have also got FPV on my screen which is excellent and also orientation of the drone, only second time out but getting there :+1:

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@Mungmeister looks lovely mark, getting up that early is a problem though lol

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@lee stupid o clock you mean it’s the best time I just love it especially on a beautiful day “seize the day” :+1:

Stunning mate, that mist looks awesome :ok_hand:

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Thanks @McSteamy2010 it is :+1:

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