Back In The Air

Having been crashing more than I was flying, and spending time repairing smashed stuff and waiting for parts, I finally got back in the air this morning. For once a video that wouldn’t be a candidate for the never ending “I crashed my drone” series…

The video is only one short clip, and it’s potato quality as it’s just from the goggles DVR, not having a HD cam on it yet, but I was happy to spend a session pootling about and not actually crashing once.

It’s a little Eachine LR3 and neither the GPS nor the SmartAudio VTX control work (don’t ask), but it’s done really well considering the abuse I’ve given it.


Edited your post to enable the embedded YT player.

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Ah, great, thanks for the pointer.

Any landing without a crash, has got to be good :clap: :clap: :clap:

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