Back lit Fox

Been playing with a couple of 12 volt e-bay IR lamps and my trail camera.
Very pleased so far with the back lit effect.
Camera is a Browning Recon Force Edge with the onboard IR’s taped over and a x1 magnifying lens attached that certainly improves the video quality but obviously reduces the focal distance.


Rather good!

Do you have a link?

Exceptional clarity :clap: :clap: :clap: - far better than the cheapo trail cameras we use for dog search and rescue. would also be interested in a link for the IR lamps :+1:

That is one good looking fox - looks like he’s been in a grooming parlour :+1:

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This is the sort of IR lamps I have (not from this seller as they have sold out)

Compared to without the clarity is greatly improved by using the x1 lens, like putting your reading glasses on I guess. LOL
Here’s a video without the lens and with 2 IR’s, one from up a tree and the other off to one side. Quite good but lacking the clarity.


Thanks for the link. :+1:

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Next question … where did you get the foxes?


They came free with a packet of glacier mints! LOL

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Try again! Watch the one on the right. Makes me giggle everytime.

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What is the (obviously delicious) bait ? Sounds like dog biscuits !

Kevin, dog biscuits?

Nice idea with great results!

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Yep! Dog biscuits. A small handful every night at dusk has become the norm (steady! LOL)
A friend close by has been feeding them at 10pm every night for several years now so they are quite used to the sounds and smells of humans.