Backing up my flight times

Hi, does anyone know how to backup my DJI flight log/flight list?, not the files that can be analysed in the event of, say, a crash, rather the list that shows date, time, max altitude etc. along with your LV score.

I understand it’s stored on DJIs servers but I’ve heard of occasions when the account becomes corrupted and the records are deleted…I’ve spent long enough gaining the “breathtaking “ level of 24 :joy: and would hate to loose it all.

Thanks, Peter

I wouldn’t put too much trust in these as it shows my top altitude of 289m but when scrolling through the list of flights none of them are more than 150m ( where I flew up a hill ).
Times do seem accurate though.


The DJI “growth of value” is bit of a meaningless number, I wouldn’t worry about backing it up.

You’d be better off checking out AirData UAV for backing up your flight records :+1:t2:

There’s also an exclusive GADC members discount code available in #members-only if you want to expand beyond the free plans :slight_smile:

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Hi, I’ll have a look at Airdata, but to clarify, it’s not so much the summary data on the left of the flight log, more the individual flights with the date, time etc.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Yup, even more reason to check out AirData then :slight_smile:

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AirData … for detailed info for each flight and summaries. :ok_hand:

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Yep Airdata every day, so useful :+1:

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Never heard of airdata before, sounds like it’s a very useful tool, will have a look. Is it not recommended to just use the DJI go data stored on my device then as that’s what I currently do?

Airdata just gives you so much more information. Zero comparison.