Badges and Challenges land at GADC!

The Grey Arrows Drone Club are please to announce the arrival of Badges and Challenges!


Badges have been around for a while, you may have already noticed on your profile page that you’ve already got some. These have been automatically awarded to you for completing certain forum activities, such as using your first emoji in a post or the first time you Liked a post.

Now, alongside the default badges, we’re introducing a brand-new series exclusive Grey Arrows Drone Club badges.

These will be awarded for posting exceptional content such as coastal scenes, night time shots, Panos & 360s, great landscapes and more. Not only are they highly collectable, they come with serious bragging rights too!

So please keep posting your #media and see how many of the exclusive badges you can collect!

The badges are awarded throughout the year and a full list is available at Grey Arrows Drone Club UK - Click on each badge to get more information on it and to also see which members have been awarded it.


Alongside the new Grey Arrows Awards we are also pleased to announce a series of new, special Challenges!

GADC Challenges are seasonal or time-focused events which will task you to submit still images or videos of a certain theme or event, all shot by drone, of course.

Each Challenge has three awards available, Bronze for 3rd place, Silver for 2nd and Gold for 1st place – and the winners will be decided by you - the Grey Arrows Drone Club members!

We’re kicking things off in explosive style with the GADC 2017 Fireworks Challenge

Full details of this challenge can be found at: 2017 Fireworks Challenge

We’d love to hear your suggestions on other Grey Arrows Challenges we could run throughout the course of the year, as well as ideas for more badges.

Good luck!


And on the subject of Badges, I can’t help but notice that only myself and @Creaky have got the Certified Badge.

Is that because we were the only two people bored enough to do it? :thinking:

Or clever enough to find it? :joy:

(Hint: Check your private messages, you’ll have received a ‘Greetings!’ message from @MavicBot)

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OK I’m finally ‘Certified’ (though I’ve known that for years anyway!).

I didn’t complete the tutorial because a) I did get bored with it and b) I knew most of the stuff from a previous forum.

Finally got that Mavicbot off my back! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Congrats :smiley:

Must have been bored that day :slight_smile:

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Where are the certified and licensed tutorials mentioned in the badges?

I see you’ve got the Certified one already :+1:

So far, I’m the only person to have won the Licensed badge :blush:

To get the Licensed one, first grab a :coffee: or a :wine_glass: and get comfy, it’s not a quick process :slight_smile:

Then you remember that conversation you had with the @MavicBot ? Well, find the last post in your conversation and type this as a reply:

@MavicBot start advanced user

Then get ready :+1:

Stick with it and you’ll get one of these to go with the other one you already have :smiley:

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@PingSpike - many thanks for this. I’ll probably have a crack over the weekend.:exploding_head:

We’ve just added a new and exclusive Grey Arrows Hardcore Modder badge to the ever-growing collection :grimacing:

This badge is awarded to people who modify their hardware or software :+1:


Let us know if you see any posts that you think are worthy of this badge :smiley:


Hardcore may not be my thing … but there should be a “After months of plucking up courage I eventually gave it a go!” badge. LOL

Hi everyone,

You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve just launched five new Badges for you to collect :clap:t2:

The new Badges are:





And because you lot clearly aren’t competitive enough as it is (:rofl:), an extra incentive for you:


As mentioned elsewhere, we haven’t always caught all of your posts which may have been worthy and eligible for some of the badges in the past and for this, we apologise. The recent good news of @callum and @OzoneVibe both joining the team will help with this going forwards I’m sure.

With that in mind, if you feel we’ve missed a post of yours in the past that may have been eligible for a Badge, please don’t hesitate to drop a member of the team a PM with a link to your post. Please don’t be shy, if you don’t highlight the things to us that we’ve missed, we may never see them.

Also on a similar note, some badges have been awarded very few times, making them quite exclusive to the people who have them currently!

Here are a few examples:

Green Flyer - Just two people have this currently, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you are eligible!

High Flyer - Similarly, just two people have this Badge, and I’m one of them! Ha! Now if that’s not an incentive I don’t know what is :rofl:

Active Tracktavist - Perhaps a trickier one to obtain, but entire do-able!

And our good friend @LarryDeath is the only person with the Urban Flyer badge! Larry, not seen you around for a while, hope you’re well :wave:t2:

Then there’s a really hard one to get, you’ll need to spend some time getting to grips with our discussion forum software for this one, but it’s well worth it. Half the reason it’s so hard to obtain is that it’s not entirely obvious how to go about it! And the badge I’m talking about? It’s the Licensed badge. I’ll give you a clue… check your PMs for a message from MavicBot - and read that message again. Carefully :wink:

Still, that said, if Badges were easy to earn, we’d all have them, right? :wink:

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:



Thanks for the mention! I’ve been busy working on a Helipad construction up in Barrow. Hoping to put together a great film of its construction in due course.

Also, finding writing the OM for the PfCO is the hardest thing in the entire universe.


A quick question on the “fleet operator” do you include fixed wind aircraft with FPV cameras and autopilot as drones? :nerd_face:

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@LarryDeath good to see you’re still around mate - yet another impressive structure! :open_mouth:

Sure thing :+1:

I can almost hear the PayPal payments going through for ultra-wide angle lenses to get these fleets in one photo! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d better go and hire a warehouse for the photo shoot.:roll_eyes:

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It’s called a Hanger! A HANGAR!!! :wink:

Edit: Or “a garage” if you’re this guy …

I think you missed the joke :clown_face:

Hi everyone,

Further to this last year…

While not five new badges, we are pleased to announce that we’ve just launched two new Badges for you to collect :smiley:

They are:




If you could give us a bit of time to go through your previous posts to see if any are eligible please :blush:

Got an idea for a Badge? Please let us know :+1:t2: