BADGES: Roll Call


If you don’t have Atti then you have to do extra maneuvers. I would rather do the atti part.


Most were MP


@OzoneVibe Dave no we didn’t we did fly several times and at one point i used a P4 in atti but that wasn’t supposed to be the test which i did with the MP so they had seen me fly other drones


Mavic does have ATTI mode, just not user selectable.

Perhaps it’s in the event it does drop into it you know what to do.


Ok. Thanks. That’s what I was wondering/after. :+1:


A rapid set of tasks, immediately after power-on, before GPS fix? Sounds like my mind kind off test! #HomePointSet92ftAboveMeAfterUrgentLaunch :+1:


Incidentally, my Inspire has shifted in to ATTI mode twice now. Both times have been after me pretty much testing the hell out of it. Very quick, sharp moves, in rapid succession, seem to confuse it somewhat.

Did the Phantom do this too?


Not as I recall. There again, it’s about 3 years since I flew it regularly … and a lot of the last regular flying I did was in full manual practicing flips. LOL


Thinking about it, that sounds to me a bit like an iffy GPS connection/connector, somewhere, that wanging it about is causing to drop the data feed, but still maintain power
So the GPS is effectively still working, and GPS mode is recovered really quickly.
Worth checking the GPS info in the DAT file for any data drops? … or other GPS messages?


Could also be a compass issue.

If really hammering it and making sharp eratic movements, the IMU heading might get out of sync with MAG heading.

Causes an IMU exception, satellites drop to zero and switch into ATTI.

Would be more likely with an IMU or compass calibration which is not optimal.

Just a theory