Bah.. mavic mini down

I’ve been doing a bit of flying with my Mavic Mini and took it with me to Wales when I went visiting a mate this weekend. I’ve not mucked about with the Quickshot modes and so thought I’d try the Helix mode.

Sent her up, enabled the Helix quickshot mode and off she went and then to my dismay through the app screen I saw her go into a bunch of trees and then was ejected out of the side and down into the ground.

End result was a broken gimbal and possibly camera.

I’ve got Coverdrone insurance but have a few concerns. I noticed that in the flightlog at one point it said the wind was strong but it absolutely wasn’t. There was no wind at all. The entire cause of the accident was the drone careering into the trees, which was obviously my mistake.

Any thoughts? Here’s the video and Airdata info

Not sure how I feel about the jolly music DJI Fly app has added to it! It’s kind of rubbing salt into the wound.


Sorry to hear about your crash :pensive:

Do coverdrone need the logs? Would the video you shared here not tell them all they need to know? :man_shrugging:

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Unfortunately I’ve shared it with them already (just submitted the claim this evening). Hopefully they’ll see the video and it’ll confirm it wasn’t being blown all over and just a stupid mistake on my part. :crossed_fingers:

In the brief glimpse we get of the foliage behind you, nothing seems to be moving.

I’d say you’ll be fine, just based on the video alone.


Which insurance company would you recommend as I’ve been given a good quote from drone cover including liability insurance but not sure as ive just finished with dji cover and now looking to a good recommend insurance .
And sorry to see what happen to your mini welly and hope it gets sorted mate :+1:

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@Storm1uk the currently active insurance recommendations thread is over here mate:

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Where a it’s in wales where you ??

I was up on Anglesey.

Although that may not have helped if it was active!

Ohh it was caa SkyWise app another for you to get for good info on restrictions and other things :wink:

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Going to check that out! Thank you

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That CAA alert wouldn’t have been anywhere near Anglesey, and I doubt they would be working at the weekend.

You were up at about 40m when you got the wind warning, so the wind could be very different than it was on the ground, especially as you were in the lee of the trees, but then the wind would have blown the mavic offshore and not into the trees acording to the weather shown in the log.

So I don’t think the log will go against you. Please let me know how you get on with the claim as I am insured with Cover Drone also. Fortunately I’ve not had to claim yet.

Sorry for your loss.

One thing I’ve learned from my few years flying drones is never to try anything new in an area I’m not familiar with.

Looking at the video it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near 40m / 130ft high :thinking:

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If it’s any consolation, the only crash I’ve had with my M2P is doing the exact same thing. From memory, when in quickshots, obstacle avoidance is disabled… Which seems really stupid to me. Mine got stuck 40ft up in a tree and we spent an hour trying to get it out. Miraculously, it came down into a holly bush totally in tact. The guy I was with brought a Parrot Disco the week before and was enjoying himself so much, he didn’t hear the low battery warning… It fell 100ft to the earth and exploded :man_facepalming:… So he was hugely sympathetic and helpful with my retrieval.

Reckon you’ll be fine with a claim :+1:


40m? No, wasn’t 40m up or close to it. The tree line may have been 25m at most. Actually the Airdata log shows max altitude of 27m. Seemed odd to get the wind warning when it was so flat. How does the drone sense wind speed? Will certainly keep you posted on the insurance claim! These guys get good reviews so fingers crossed it’ll be a straight forward case.

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That’s very unfortunate, sorry to hear you lost your Mavic :frowning: hopefully the claim goes well

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Sorry I just realised the height measurements are in ft not m, mine are in m. On the Airdata page if you go to the Notification tab and click the HD Flight Player button you get a fully detailed log for every 0.4 seconds of the flight, according to this you had reached 39.7ft at 29s into the flight which is when you got the high wind warning, the camera was not recording at this point. At about 54.5s it started to decend to about 8.5ft at 59.6s. Then the Quich Shot began at about 1m 40s, then you must have hit the tree at about 1m 57s in to the flight. Then it somehow came out of the trees and crashed to the ground on your right.

It’s amazing really the detailed information you can get from the logs. But I am not sure how it know it is in high winds. Maybe someone else can tell us that.

Shame cos it only just got into the trees, next time round I’m sure it would have been higher than the trees.

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Do you think they will repair it or give you a new one, does it still fly? Did they ask you for the log, they will check if you were in any restricted zone I guess, as that is one of the conditions that you abide by the local laws etc.