Balloch, loch Lomond

With the crappy weather finally getting round to do something with the footage I got at loch Lomond recently.

Had originally set out to record footage for only myself to watch but starting to warm to youtube.


Rather good!
Which editing app are you using?

Premiere 2017.

Still trying to get to grips with it, literally have no idea what 90% of the options do.

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They probably do the same thing as the 90% of the things in Resolve … the only difference being that, since I have the free version, clicking on most asks for $299. :stuck_out_tongue:
I may never find out!
I only have an OLD version of Premiere that can’t understand most modern concepts. Rarely use now.
Have PowerDirector. Good for quick-simple things, but not a lot more … IMO.

I like resolve, its an amazing piece of software for free.

Also have Vegas Pro 14 which I picked up for around a tenner on humble bundle. UI very dated compared to resolve and doesn’t scale well on my 4k laptop display. Supposed to be decent software though.

With Resolve, I just WISH the options were highlighted if they needed the full version. Too many to remember which are and which are not … so inevitably the same one gets clicked on different days.
And I don’t need it enough to pay … :stuck_out_tongue:

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