Bando Cruising

Thought I’d share some footage and edits that I put together after a day of flying with my Chimera 4 LR

Enjoy :sunglasses:


Great stuff @Howard78

Thats definitely one way to get inverted hang time mate :grin: Those insta360 cameras do have some cool features :star_struck:

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Thanks mate. Took some time to play around with the editing suite and was quite impressed.

Looking forward to making more footage and learning about getting that hang time for real!!

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How easy is the editing? Looks like it could be complicated but worth the effort for a great result like that!


Fairly straight forward mate. Lots of tutorials and a great app.

It’s a great camera especially for fpv.

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How durable are they? Would it be a good option for freestyle with all the crashing involved? Or better for cruising?

I use it for all mate. It has a lens protector and is fairly small compared to a go pro etc.

I’ve not had any major crashes yet - but seems to be ok so far.

Might have to look into one of these when I decide to fit an external camera :thinking: I’m still using the fpv camera dvr footage at the moment but looking at other options at the moment. Cheers Howard :+1:t2:

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Anytime mate - just dont but the caddx orca like i did. its great at taking video but stops working all of the time

I was thinking of trying a split cam but not knowing if I’m gonna go for Shark Byte or not yet has put me off the idea of changing the fpv camera right now lol Did you get the Shark Byte Receiver Module in the end mate?

Try not to go for an all in 1 split. They have a noticeable latency.


Cheers for the tip Karl I wasn’t aware of that :+1:t2:

Plus if you get something like a insta 360
You can put it on the other drones you have / will inevitably have

I can’t get over how small it was. That might even go on a thfs

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It does. It fits fine although needs a battery upgrade to cope.

I just need to fix mine again and ill show you!