This was probably one of my best ever sessions to date, and certainly getting a bit closer to that ‘cinematic’ feel. Using an iFlight ProTek 35 & GoPro Hero 7 for recording. I’m never going to be a freestyle pilot, I have neither balls big enough or pockets deep enough, so flying in an environment such as this was super challenging, by far the hardest ‘proximity’ flying I’ve attempted so far.

I was pretty deep in the bowels of the building (and behind it) using Caddx Vista / DJI V2 goggles and the signal was spotless the whole time. (Still had legs like jelly though for most of the session!)

I flew over this place with my Nazgul 5 analogue (which to be fair never had the greatest VTX) and the multi-path interference was soooo bad I chickened out and went home.

Still can’t wipe the grin off my face :grin:


is that’s the Gridworks bando ?

Where’s that one? - I may have to check it out :slight_smile: I’ve not heard this place referred to by that name - but I’m still fairly new to exploring all of this.

This is Stewartby (nr. Bedford)

Nice! The sounds make it even more impressive. Your landing was bit dodgy though :laughing:

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Great flying really enjoyed the video and exploring.

Looks like a cracking location too


Thx :grin: It’s an amazing location - first time I’ve felt confident enough to actually go inside!

There’s literally acres of room to play and explore, I’ll be returning for sure.

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Great vid and I think you shouldn’t be questioning the size of your balls! And what a location - lucky you to have that

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We dont have anything like that down in Kent. Well jealous :pleading_face: lol Nice flying :+1:t2: Is there access if you crash inside?

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I’ve only just touched the edges tbh. There’s the main hall / open area and the two sides that I’ve explored so far. I very carefully checked out those lines before trying a continuous loop. There’s a lot of places in there I wouldn’t go but there’s plenty to explore where recovery would be pretty straightforward. (He says!:crossed_fingers:)


I think this is a @group-fpv meeting location in the making

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Oooh my dad’s not too far (in Bedfordshire anyways) maybe should visit him soon for a bed lol

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