Banggood lead time

Has anyone ordered anything lately from Banggood ??

If so what is the lead time on delivery, as Iv heard its Chinees new year so may take longer :man_shrugging:t3:

Chinese new year was in February. There are various lockdowns though.
My recent order took 2 weeks.

Cheers mate I need to order a load of bits and every where in UK has sold out :man_facepalming:t3:

Really struggling to get stuff

AliExpress were about 60 days quicker than the 80 they said it’d be… Darwinfpv didn’t even contact me or ship for 10 days. Lots of Covid lockdowns in China so hit and miss… Sorry can’t be much use…

My most recent order was about 16 days - so pretty good for china tbh

Sounds like a plan, im still no closer to getting to getting something in the air :tired_face:

Both vista’s out of the 5inch are not working but think iv solved the issue with tthe 4 :crossed_fingers:t3:

I have an odd motor same size different Kv so might stick that on and see how it goes :wink:

You can get faster service than standatd sometimes… when you tick the box to buy …alongside the box is a little tick…click it and alternative delivery times/costs appear…just tick the one you want (if they show the facility available).

10 to 25 days, I do order weekly :rofl:

Last order I placed with Banggood took 20 days (arrived last week).

Just got an AliExpress in 12 days. So not all bad (quoted 80+ I think when ordering)

Well I placed last night and they’ve txt to say its been dispatched, I think customs is normally the hold up :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

iv been waiting for the last three weeks. getting peed of with them wont by from them again.

I always expect it to take up to a month but more often than not it comes well within that time.

It always depends on things that Banggood cant control such as customs and for the last two years lockdowns

Three weeks and counting for my order. But I have to give them a break for the lockdowns. I had a text this morning telling me my package is in the country, so shouldn’t be long now if customs doesn’t hold it up.