Bank holiday Monday flight

So I and also my instagram followers have become really bored of where I go for most of my flights so I want to find out some good spots to fly. E.g. in Kent somewhere

Hi I’m looking for places to fly in Kent over the bank holiday any suggestions would be much appreciated

Hi, try Reculver Towers between Thanet and Herne Bay. Then there is the North Hotel and lighthouse and the cliffs,. There are some nice bits of the North Downs of you want rural scenery. If you go to Holly Hill near west Malling, they fly r/c gliders there. Have a chat to them and you have some interesting subject matter to film. Gliders over the downs filmed from above ?. Then there are some nice sections off the river medway upstream from Maidstone, such as test on bridge and the locks at Yalding. There is a small county park next to the river art Test on, and also a railway line.

I think the beauty of our hobby is to film the usual things from an unusual perspective.

Hope this is of use



Sorry, that first bit should say North Foreland lighthouse. I’m typing this on my phone, in the highlands of Scotland, without my glasses. Lol

Teston bridge ! FFS !

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Ok great I’ll have a look at these options thank you

Ever been to Grain fort?

Sorry @alexmciver, only just seen your question - in answer, no I haven’t