Barnsley Main Colliery

My first post on the forum. I did this earlier today, most of my videos on the channel I have are in Doncaster but I thought a snowy background might be good so I headed up the road to Barnsley.


This adds the Ice Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:

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Absolutely excellent !!! :clap: Captured its atmosphere really well. By its condition I take it its being preserved as a very important icon of the recent past - I hope so anyway, too many such structures are being torn down imho.

Thank you. Yes, it’s one of very few that they class as a heritage site to try and preserve it. I’d like to find another couple of places like this to get footage of after we’re unlocked. I’m just doing some research to see if there is still another odd one around.

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Well worth it, they will be long gone if left to Councils, Gov & developers - that heritage needs preserving to explain to grand kids what they were all about and how 1974 finished off the “working man” and whole communities. Will make a fine project. Im doing the same with the Welsh slate and granite quarries where my granddads toiled.