Barton on Irwell, Salford

The bridge and aqueduct were inaugurated along with the Manchester Ship Canal in 1894, though a bridge had previously existed at this location for over 200 years. During the 20th century, it became increasingly important as an access route to Trafford Park and to allow traffic to bypass Manchester and Salford city centres, and consequently became a significant traffic bottleneck. A replacement high level bridge was built further downstream, and today the swing bridge carries mostly local traffic.


Very nice. Loved the sunset over the canal. What settings did you have on your camera?

Wow, the sun reflection on the canal looks amazing, did you take any stills??

Also, not sure if it’s just my dodgy broadband here, but the video appeared to be stuttering at times?

Custom -1 0 0

Didn’t do any stills

I think there is a stutter sometimes my Davici Resolve plays up on export.

Nice Steve, good video editing to boot.

I also got the stuttering. Maybe the SD Card isn’t fast enough, causing dropped frames?

Subscribed anyways to see more :v:

Good call on the SD card, I replaced the 16gb that came with he Mavic for with one of my higher capacity GoPro SD cards that maybe can’t quite handle it.