Bass rock near north berwick

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Love that track :notes: :notes:


I was wondering where the sea birds had gone. A noticeable lack of them actually on the water.

Loads of seagulls about the gannets nest on the rock.the gannets is the uk largest duck

Not where I work

An adult northern gannet has a 170–180 cm (67–71 in) wingspan, and is 87–100 cm (34–39 in) long and weighs 2.3–3.6 kg (5.1–7.9 lb), making it the largest gannet and the largest seabird native to the western Palearctic.

Forgot to say on the bass rock there
are over over 130.000 gannet on it

Hi John Nice footage apart from those pesky seagulls :ok_hand:

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