Batteries batteries batteries

old topic I’ll bet…

Just a self reminder.

I put my drone kit away a few weeks ago… and I was ‘sure’ I turned off the phone (bought just for the display)

No I hadn’t… I got a 15 minute window earlier to just capture something I needed. Got all the kit out ready and turned on the phone… absolutely flat… Zero… Even on the Controller I could not get it to start up (and charge)

I put it on my DJI Mini 2 mains charger/plug… usually can get 2 amps out of it… That took 5 minutes to get 2% just so that I could put in on the controller to supply some power…
Got what I wanted with a few minutes to spare and had to pack it away.

OMG… it was going to be so simple!

I usually get OCD over charging up things but I must have gone the total opposite on this occasion.

Feel a little better now…:wink::wink: