Batteries for Radio Controller

I’m looking bat Radio Controllers, no mention of Batteries or charges , could someone bgive me the heads up, are the batteries purchased separately :thinking:

it depends on which tranny you get tbh

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On some models yes.
But this will go to what tx rx protocol you will use. I will vouch for tbs crossfire or tracer.
The Tango 2 or Mambo are excellent radios with batteries built in with usb charging.

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I cant really think of any modern transmitters that dont come with a battery now (unless you buy cheap crap anyway) I know older low end spektrum ones didnt but all of the new ones do.

Only the tango 2 has the battery built in. The Mambo takes 2x 18650s sold separately.

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My bad :grin:

I can vouch for this lol it does support usb charging though. Also the batteries are in parallel so you can technically run it on 1 battery but I wouldn’t recommend it

I had a hold of the mambo at the weekend. It felt nice! Good weight.

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It does feel good in the hands mate :+1:t2: Have you tried Tracer yet? Curious if you’ve noticed a difference in latency? I find Tracer very responsive but would need a side by side comparison to make any judgement

No I haven’t tried it. I’d love to though. I remember bodging a flysky to crossfire, but it was only on 50 pwm. It had lots of bounce back on flips and rolls due to betaflight feedforward. But I didn’t pay attention to latency. Pretty sure its the video link that determines it though.

Me. A potato pilot :grin:

You can try mine next time we all meet up :+1:t2:

I have had a rethink, really going to be pushed to start building, so what I’m thinking is buying a controller the using that on a sim, then maybe buy the likes of a DJI fv, they look good toe although they are a lot easier to
For a person who has not got lots of time but they seem very expensive,

DJI are insanely expensive, you could always get a BNF 5" quad rather than build one

Are they pretty much the same sort of thing

Sort of, the DJI one is really expensive, easy to break, hard to repair, expensive bespoke batteries, not particularly robust. It can do all of the freestyle things you would want as a new flier for sure…but considering you can get a BNF 5" quad for £200 that is designed more for this rather than a halfway house. With easily available spare parts and easy to repair, I know what id do.

I have just had a look round, I see your point I could probably get something for half the price, the appeal of the DJI for me as a total beginner is it’s safety features but looks like if you crash them it’s game over so I’m lookin for recommendations of a rig I can buy that all works together, or a list of separates I can put together I don’t know the 1st thing but I am going to get velodrome SIM do about 10 hours on that then hopefully have a go, the controller I’m thinking of getting is the Flysky fx6 then build around that Goggles drone etc, that way I can do plenty on the SIM then the radio will work on the drone, I think I will get the drone fundamentals book, I still think even with everything I’m stil better of, buying a house is easier :unamused::unamused: LOL, but with all the help I’m getting I’m sure I’ll sort it, Thanks everybody for you patience,

Are you thinking about analogue or digital?

Analogue is cheaper.

But Digital has far better clarity in the video image.

This decision will ultimately determine what gear you’d be looking at buying.

Which one mate? The black one will need a ppm to usb converter cable. The white one (I’ve had one) will connect straight to a pc. But is not upgradeable to other protocols. So it may become redundant eventually.


If you’re after a full size radio the Radiomaster TX16S is pretty much the goto these days. I can confirm that it works with simulators just fine and will grow onto the hobby with you.

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The Black one is the one i have looked at then the addapter for pc is 10.99

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