Battery charging

I have searched various forums but with no definitive answer! I know you are not meant to keep Mavic Pro batteries charged and that you should not let them get below 30 %. But i need to know that I have a fully ready to go drone most of the time so as not to miss that opportunity. So currently keep my batteries fully charged even if i don’t get a chance to use them for days. Is this asking for battery trouble?

Longer term, yes.

And also if you want to sell the drone. Higher battery charge count = lower sale price.

If you’re keen to keep doing this, why not keep just one battery charged all the time (and keep recharging just that one)?


Hi @PlatinumCharlie
As we’ve covered before, the MP batteries will automatically discharge to storage level after a few days of non-use
This is how they should be stored
From this level (about 80% SOC) they don’t take long to charge back up to 100% when you want to use them.
I keep my 12v DJI MP charger in my car and usually charge them up whilst driving to where I’m flying
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. Yes I know that batteries automatically discharge but was not totally clear about keeping them fully charged.
I am now thanks to the forum :slight_smile:

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Dumb question from me but I’m going to ask it anyway.
Ive just come home with batteries at 25+% ( one light on and the second one blinking )
As I won’t be flying for 3 days, is it best for the battery that I leave them and charge up the evening before OR charge them fully now ? Im never 100% sure what is best for the battery, keeping them at 25+% until I know I’m going to fly or charging to full now and wait.
There seems to be suggestions its a good idea to charge them to 80% ( 3 lights ) now, then do a top-up charge to 100% the night before.
Any help/clarification gratefully received.

That’s the way to do it :ok_hand:
Cheers Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you need a quick flight is it OK to take off with only 30% or should you have 100%?

Out of interest, roughly how long does it take to charge on 12v in the car (from 30%)?

When I last tried it seemed to take forever. Didn’t get to 100% before I had to move on.

Had a similar experience during the only time I tried and haven’t done since. It’s rare that I have several hours to travel & fly. Usually let them drain and recharge the night before but it’s a pain when you see a break in the weather and want to nip out quickly :man_facepalming:

I wouldn’t takeoff with 30%, 60% would be my minimum even for a five/ten minute flight


Don’t know, I’m never by it when it finishes charging. Would have to do a test

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Quick calculation
Both Smatree and DJI car charger output 13.5v at 6A capable
Therefore one battery on car charger should charge from 5% to 100% in 61 minutes

HTH Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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I let mine (DJI) discharge which they’re programmed to do, and then on drone days I get up early to charge them. Over the winter when I haven’t been out much, I’ve charged them up a couple of times just in case they were losing too much charge left on their own, but I don’t know if that’s a good, bad or neutral idea.

Forgive another stupid question - my first got a helpful & knowledgeable answer so I will ask another - if I finish flying with my batteries at 25-30% left in them, if I don’t fly for a few days and they are set for the 10 day discharge thing - would they discharge so far as to become “damaged”. I tend to press the button when they are at 25% so the 10 days starts again but I’m not sure if this is the correct thing to do.

Nope. The auto discharge will only take them down to the prescribed percentage.

If they are below that, it won’t kick in again and take it down further.


If I knew I was flying in the next day or two then I’d leave them as they are and charge up fully when I needed them.
But if not flying then I’d charge to three ‘fully on’ LEDs and then store till I needed them.
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Thanks for that - MUCH appreciated knowledge :+1:

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