Battery life

How much quicker does the Mavic Pro battery run down in sport mode?
I’ve yet to try sport mode and the weekend weather looks good

Depends how fast you fly. :wink: Even when not in Sport mode - battery life depends on how you fly.

Just being in sport mode, itself, makes pretty much no difference to battery life.

And the chances of you flying through the whole battery at full throttle in sport mode is pretty remote … it IS damned fast! Soon beyond VLOS.

I guess that was probably the time you were after?

I think it’s going to be a 4 battery Saturday morning :grin:

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What’s the plan? Sounds interesting! :wink:

It’s coin toss to fly out over the marshes on Morcombe Bay or play slalom around the posts on the golf course.
Either way I need to be on the ground and packed away before 7:00am. The caravan park is next to Cark airfield and the sky diving club are active from around 9:30.
The golf course has a few ruins from when it was a wartime baracks and airfield.
They don’t allow drones on the park but I’m out while everyone else is still in bed and at least a mile from the nearest caravan.!Am0tDLlGQc0GsU7ZlJfDkW-9fCYK

Try the link to a flight from a couple of weeks ago. I’m still learning the controls and videos and photos are not important yet.

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i flew my mp in sport mode at weston super mare a few weeks ago, had to use sport mode as wind was high battery rand down fast because of flying into wind had about 15 to 20 mins per battery. mind you windspeed was about 25 mph gusting to 40mph. watching powerkites and sand yaghts. lol:sunglasses: