Battery, Should I Be Worried

Popped one of my M2P batteries on charge this morning and ill be honest I didn’t double check if it did the flashing light thing before walking off.

2 hours later I take the battery off the Dock and place it in my Bird, tried to power on and nothing. I then removed the battery, did the single press power check and nothing happened. Did it another dozen times and it then started flashing 1 bar. Placed it back on the charging Dock and confirmed it is now charging. The bit that concerns me most is the nothing happened part when single pressing to check the power.

How and what’s the best way to check this battery, I don’t want any future problems in the air.

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I suppose that you need to be sure that the battery was located into the dock properly the first time.

Does the battery look physically OK, i.e. no bulging etc? If so, I would put it in the dock again, or plug the cable straight in to the battery, stay with it and see if it goes OK that time. If it does, put it in the bird and try some low level and low range flying until you deplete the battery and then charge again.

I’d be interested to know the results.

Yes it looks fine, not a mark or a bulge anywhere.

Definitely is now, can’t be sure about this morning.
Even if it wasn’t docked this morning, it should of shown me a 1 bar status indicator when single pressing?

Charging now and I’ll test once complete :+1:

Thanks Steve :+1:

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Do they not enter a deep hibernation mode when not used for a set period or low voltage.

I remember talk of people getting new batteries that did not respond to button press but reactivated after connecting to a charger.

If the cell voltage is low enough it’s going to shut off completely to avoid dropping further.


Could possibly be mate hadn’t thought about that.
I completely depleted it last night maybe it just got to low and like you say, hibernated.

Fully charged now and stats show…