BBC News has used my drone footage

There was a convoy today, to commemorate the little boy who lost his life in an explosion 2 weeks ago.
I took some footage of it and the beeb have used some of it.
I didn’t charge due to the nature of the convoy.
But hey there you go.

It’s on their website


The convoy was later than expected at the far end of town and we had to leave the promenade. Missed the actual procession but saw the vehicles breaking away at the park. A lot of people on the promenade to see it.

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The footage was used on tv as well tonight.


They are the easiest ones to charge for TBH :frowning:

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Just didn’t feel right, as not just the subject, but also all concerned were raising money.


I did some work for Piers Morgan in the 80’s he told me and it’s stuck, ‘undertakers never do it for nothing’.

The new Piers will deny that but it’s true


I know some may disagree but fair play to you :+1:. And without starting a debate I emphasise with both parties and sit firmly on the fence.

Looks like a good turn out for such a tragic loss I have a daughter of his age and I think it hits home alot more, I can’t even begin to imagine how the family are fairing up.


Here’s my 2 seconds of fame on BBC NWT


Yes,fair play to you. You’ve made me feel like there is some humanity and decency still around, though if I had been paid, I’d have donated it to the fundraising effort.


Undertakers don’t charge for childrens funerals. Piers Morgan in Ill-Informed Gobshite Shocker!

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Exactly my thoughts Brian. You beat me to it.

The BBC are known for not paying artists and trying to get material for nothing. I would have charged and made it clear that all proceeds would be donated to the relevent charity/fundraising.

This was around the Hillsborough funerals, so not kids, but of (questionable) ‘national interest’

But you’re right, in a world of shit, nasty pieces of work, he was king for a while.