Bebington Cemetary Wirral!

Taken this morning for a lady visiting the area with her fathers ashes who wanted to see the cemetery from the air !!!
One big mistake I noticed I was in the video and that’s a no…no. yiks !!! have to pay more attention.


Nice video apart from the berk in the bright red jacket.:rofl::rofl:
You need a camo jacket for situations like that.
Nice Job Barry, hope she liked it.

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Nice one Barry, good deed for the day :+1:

Thanks Mark

Steve i know …didnt really realise i was in the video until i later looked st it…tut tut.

But it does show you are keeping LOS :laughing: which is a good thing :wink:
Nice video, music works as well.
Subscribed. :+1:

Thanks Richard

Nice :slight_smile:

Out of interest, did she contact you advance to arrange this, or was it just serendipity that you happened to be there and she asked if you’d mind?

Hi Joe
I was contacted online after posting some pictures of another cemetary,I have also been asked by three other people to do work for them.


Good choice of music

Thanks Simon

Why not edit yourself out? The sun glare was a little distracting. Perhaps flying at a different time of day? One thing I do for projects like this is use the Litchi mission app. Makes for smooth movements and you can fly the mission safely without worrying about being in the video.

Please don’t take this as being critical, the video is great. I just wanted to offer a couple suggestions. Thanks mate and keep up the good work


Thanks Gordon
I dont think your being critical I always welcome good advice. I will try harder next time lol.