Because I was pretty naff

So, like. I’ve been working like a dog these last months. Tired, but thankful I guess I still have a job.

I had a rip in Snowdownia ( But I reviewed the video and it was UTTER SHITE! I was proper knackered. That’s one excuse anyway!

There was a telegraph line that prevented me from doing a full dive, and oldies about who might puff.
(Re drone police… I roped in a couple of Welsh free camper guys to spot for me. They were sound guys.)

So to save my embarrassment, I made a stills video to show what the spot has to offer (I put my lovely chops at the end to treat you all :grin:)

Please guys and gurls. If you find a spot, put it on It helps me out a lot when I’m out and about. I’m sure it helps other people too lol.


That’s not the problem…
Aaaarghhhh the MUSIC :hear_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:


Once I discovered Dronescene I was hooked. Admittedly I’m using a PC and a hi-res monitor and haven’t tried it on a phone. I promote it whenever I can.

I appreciate the amount of effort that must have gone into getting the project going and the on-going hard graft required to maintain it and to keep improving it.

Love that you can upload your own favourite sites to share and that it replaces the NATS and the Notams apps.

And I get annoyed when, after my recommendations people go on using other ways to decide where it is permitted to fly.

Is this because it is a browser app and not a standalone for Android or IoS? Is it because it is free?
I rarely pay for software but I have bought Litchi (both Android and IoD), Windy and Rain Alarm Pro. If there was an app I would happily pay up to £10 for it.

But presumably an app is a load more coding hassle, Apple and Google get their grubby mitts on the cash and trying to get publicity and actually having to market it would take even more effort, time and money.

So, unless anyone wants to get the project going (I have time which I will freely give but little to no skills) I will just keep quietly plugging the url whenever I can :slight_smile:


Just trying to bridge the gap between fpv and the nice cinematic videos here. Blur the lines. Grey the black and white. I’m talking crap again aren’t I

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:+1: Good point

Admins, can Drone scene be altered so we can upload more than 1 photo? Unless I’m missing something.

That’s all we ask, and are therefore eternally grateful, thank you :bowing_man:


That’s not music sounds like a monkey tap dancing on a harpsichord that has a loose connection :joy::joy::joy: should be a badge for hurt peoples eardrums lol

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Please admins. Ta

You’re not talking crap at all. In the film making world there is currently a shift from the often sterile and super stabilised conventional gimballed drone shots to the more dynamic FPV style aerial shots. If you haven’t already done so check out Nurk’s YT channel where he recently flew an X8 frame with a fixed Red camera in Acro mode. Ummagawd now makes his living doing pro film work using Acro machines.