Bedford park Essex

Ive not had much free time of late as work has been really busy. But Ive had the drone with me on a couple of occasions and taken the opportunity to get some flights in. here are some of the pics I managed to get.Uploading: YUN_0003.JPG…

Uploading: YUN_0008.JPG…


You may have posted that before they all finished uploading :slight_smile:


Getting on with the Typhoon H ok then I see :+1:

It all went a bit south. I lost internet connection before it finished and the loaded when the connection came back… (probably my fault)

The Typhoon is a great bit of kit… the camera is great and it’s so easy to use… …

Great set of pics @Turbys9, particularly like the grouping in the middle with that golden light coming through the clouds :+1:

Thanks @BrianB