Been for a walk

So me and my better half took the dog for a walk round kirkstall abbey

Looked :eyes: at all the signs for the grounds and nothing about no drone fly zone, and it’s just out of the NFZ for leeds bradford, so i’m going to send them an email and see what they say about getting some snaps. plenty of spots for take off


I wouldn’t bother to be honest its National Trust. I’d just go fly taking off somewhere a bit further away.

Lots of drone videos on YT from KA, I used to work on Kirkstall lane so know the area well


Mick @Raider
I think Kirkstall Abbey is an early Sunday morning flight before the area gets busy.
Let me know if you fancy it, happy to pop down and have a fly round it with you.
As Chris @milkmanchris says, No chance of approval if National Trust and Leeds City Council also have a very restrictive policy, only area they allow any form of flying is Middleton Park in Leeds.
Drop me a pm if you fancy an early flight one morning


Miggy park flying is handy to try and track your car after its (inevitably) nicked from the car park.