Beginner newbie - Manchester based

Hey I’m Manchester based, I’ve just got a holy stone hs720e, reading a lot of reviews of people crashing it. Where would people recommend flying in South Manchester? Littlet nervous to try it where there’s a lot of people. As some people have said that it has crashed on them. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you


Hi , welcome to GADC. There are many places to fly in the section where to fly my drone but if it’s your first flights get out somewhere quiet and open . If you add yourself to the members map you will see others are are local to you who might be able to help find a local location

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We’re a well established club with many knowledgable members so it’s very likely that any issues you come across will have been discussed here before. Our discussion forum has very powerful search features which should help you find what you need but if you get stuck you can post a new question in the #questions-and-answers category.

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Welcome once again!

Thank you for responding. I will have a look at the maps and get somewhere quiet.

Hi from up the road in Wigan :wave:t2:

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Welcome to GADC Amp :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Hi there

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Hi, I am from Timperley, I sometimes use Turn Moss in Stretford or local parks in the evening as the others get too busy in the day with dog walkers!
The other option is to drive out to somewhere quiet, so you have the space to practice

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Hi, I’m in Sale. I think the answers depends where in South Manchester you are, but various bits of Turn Moss are suitable, as @Sparkyws says. See:

Just pick the quiet times and watch out for dog walkers! The Brookburn Road car park usually leads to a quieter area.


Welcome, as a fellow newbie nice to see people joining. Happy flying.

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Thank you

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Thank you for this information.

… should have been Amz - not Amp – bloody autocorrect :man_shrugging: - sorry :+1: :+1: :+1:

Its ok. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I also fly a Holystone HS720E, and not funnily enough I crashed it the other week. Pilot error, may post the video if I want a public shaming. Flew at too high a speed and a fatal indecision in direction caused a side slip taking it into a concrete building.

The crash smashed an arm out of the joint and cracked and damaged the top case, snapping off the on/off microswitch from the circuit board. Had to pull the battery to shut it down, earned a few nicks to my fingers from the blades as punishment, serves me right. Managed to get the arm relocated but unable to power her up without the microswitch.

Although I could attempt at sourcing and soldering in the switch, there’s the risk I could waste a lot of time repairing that only to find she has other issues.

I got a generous offer from the amazon dealer on a replacement so took that.

Other than my error seemed a lovely drone to fly.