Bennerley Viaduct 05/07/22

Again sorry for being last minute but Im up in Derby tomorrow night (Tuesday 5th July). Anyone fancy an evening trip to Bennerley Viaduct? Or maybe another spot in the area, Im open to suggestions? I should be in Derby around 5pm so anytime after that will be good

I’ll be around tomorrow evening 8.30ish (avoiding love island). Bennerley is abit far for me as I’m the wrong side of derby, how about Willington cooling towers?

Im pretty sure thats all shut off now :confused:

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thats all shut off FOR now :laughing:

Angle grinder? :thinking: lol

Socket set would do Steve ;o)

I carry a socket set in my boot lol

I plan a recce trip one evening, I think there’s a back way in, by the school ??

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It is twisted wire holding the steels together so a strong pair of wire cutters would suffice

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That’s breaking and entering. A socket on the 13mm nuts can be put back :star_struck:

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I would say picking a lock and entering then re-locking is classed as the same even if you have a skeleton socket set :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I was there the other day, TOAL from the field gate, seems to be far enough from the road as to not draw unwanted attention. Can keep VLOS to a decent distance from there, just need to watch for the phone lines!

Is a shame it has been shut up! Certainly worth a good reccy trip

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I fly fpv and crash alot lol I need access to the land for drone recovery :laughing:

I see! Might be a bit tricky then…

I know of a few decent fields around Derby but nothing as cool as Bennerley!

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Might have one of them

Yeah a little lol

Only if you crash

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FTFY :grin:

Not sure what I’m up to tomorrow. I have a nagging feeling there’s something…

I can defo confirm the towers are closed off back and front, they have installed railing now due to someone removing the meshing that was covering the gap. :thinking:

Sad days :sob: