Bennerley Viaduct meetup short notice Sunday 2nd October

A few of us are heading to Bennerley Viaduct tomorrow. Everyone is welcome.
Park at ///visual.rating.tape at around 10am then we walk down to a clear space.

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What about your armchair :joy:

He’d rather fly than cry!

Guys guys guys. Be nice. In your upcoming and past defeats. Feel free to feel BITTER.

We’re gunna trip haaland up. Then he’ll cry like a baby boy. Then you’re nothing. Like Liverpool.


Did you guys get out to Bennerley today in the end?

I didn’t. Dodgy takeaway last night.

Could have just taken a bucket :bucket: :poop: :face_vomiting: :rofl:
Hope youre feeling better mate

Myself, Brendan and Jez went. We stayed for a couple of hours in total.

Had some fun. I’ll produce a video at some point… :slight_smile:

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Nice one, look forward to the video :+1:t2:

Wish I had joined the group earlier, I would of come (that’s if you would allow a total novice to tag along!) I used to live 3 miles away and used to pass it regularly when it was closed. Worth a visit now it fully restored and open to the public.

Always welcome and Im sure someone will organise it again :+1:t3: