Bennerley viaduct meetup

Hi all. I am going to try to fly at Bennerley viaduct next Tuesday. The weather keeps changing though, so maybe not! And I may get delayed with work.

However, I would like to know if anyone would be up for a meet there? Early next year of course. It looks like a very nice place for photographers and FPV’ers alike.

No date / time set yet, but if there is enough interest, we can work something out.


Well as it’s pretty much on my doorstep it’s be rude not to! :slight_smile:

It’s looking like the good weather here has moved to Wednesday now but if you do make the trip (whichever day) drop me a message and I’ll see about popping across with mine.

I will do mate.

Put me on the list :+1:


I’m going to get up real early on Tuesday, get my jobs done and head over to the viaduct. I pray for clement weather!


Can’t do this week but put me on the list for the next year do.


I’ll definitely try to make it :grin::+1:


Sorry guys @notveryprettyboy
Can’t get time off work tomorrow :weary:
Hope to catchup with you over the holiday period


I’m hoping to be there tomorrow between 1pm and 3pm work and weather dependant. I’ll post here if I can make it. But next year definitely.

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Hi Karl @notveryprettyboy
Did you manage to get there🤔

@Steviegeek @PunchyPariah
I got there a little late. But there was enough light just, to fly. But I walked down there and there was horses wandering about. My quad isn’t the quietest so I thought it best not to send it. Are there animals there often? It’s a lovely place though.

@notveryprettyboy There are often a few horses contained in the area by the bridleway on the other side of the bank (marked below in orange) but I’ve never seen any in the concreted area or in the field beneath/beyond the viaduct.

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There weren’t. But I had this crazy idea of practising powerloops through the arch. :joy:
I was worried they’d bolt or something.

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The horses were here. Guess I was unlucky

That sucks. They’re definitely a new addition.