Bergen 4K Chasing Daylight Final Cut

Last month I posted a link to my video Bergen 4k Chasing Daylight. I also started threads on a couple of other drone enthusiast forums to ask for comments.

Being quite new to serious video editing, I wanted to find out where I might improve.

I received lots of constructive criticism and have addressed most of it in my ‘Final Cut’ version of the video.

The improvements made are:

  • De-shake parts of the video where the Litchi app turns were a bit jerky
  • Crisped up the transitions between the different times of day
  • Remove the people from the reversed clip - they were walking backwards
  • Changed the speed of parts of some clips to give them more interest or to match the music better
  • swap out a couple of the clips for better ones
  • Fade out at the end to finish properly (and to cover an inintended pan)

There are some things I didn’t change:

  • The video is still the same length - 4:34, because it is choreographed to Scott Buckley’s Chasing Daylight
  • Add transition effects between clips - I did try this but everyone in my family said that the transitions weakened the impact of the changes, and the song itself has a very definite beat, so hard cuts seem to work better. I may post a short video showing the various transitions I tried for comments.

The new version is here:

If you would like to see the original version, it’s here:


Love the backing track a perfect choice of song & that’s from a mini 2 ? Superb , I’m no expert but what a smooth video :clap:t2:

If I might add one thing, make the clips shorter.

The more and more you watch of good edits the more you find yourself counting the clips. 5 seconds is about the norm :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Kirky, glad you liked it

Yes I agree that some of the clips are quite long, but I did have a song to fill them out to and I only had about 10 drone flights over 3 days, so I hoped that people would be carried away by the music and be enchanted by scenery!
I’ve done a similar video for Scarborough, but it’s much shorter and the clips are much shorter as well, see what you think:

Re: the Bergen Final Cut version - Delightful video; personally, I thought the clip length was just right to allow people who are interested in the landscape to take it in.

Thanks Rod. People tend to be in such a hurry nowadays to get to the punch line and like you, I want to experience something when I watch a film, so the long shots were intentional, though a lot of people don’t like them. I’m absolutely loving taking and editing the videos - pity I never did it years ago.