Best apps for fixing photos on phones

Been out and taken a load of photos using AEB. After best apps for editing on phone, I e got light room and photoshop on phone, can’t see where to combine photos for HDR results. Any help appreciated

To be honest I like Snapshot and use their HDR filter instead of trying to combine the results from AEB.

I’d be interested to see side by side comparisons if you get something else sorted out

Cheers pal, I will have a look at snapshot. I’ve found one which combines the AEB’s. It’s called vibrance hdr and seems to be OK.

oops Snapseed (damn autocorrect)



Lightroom on the phone can’t do HDR merge sadly with the AEB shots. Other than that it’s excellent and what I use

Vibrance hdr is the one I’ve been using and it does the merging. I did pot comparison above, not sure if there’s much difference. Maybe be better if done on pc.

Took your top photo and put it through Snapseed on my iPhone, again not sure it’s noticable working on such a small screen

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Yeah that looks diffrent, much better.

How do u add AEB’s to layer each other, can only see to add one picture if u get what I mean?

It’s only one photo and then add the filter

Will have to look through, what did u do to my photo?

This was done on snapseed the sky is brighter but lost sharpness on the stones in front.

Add a partial to the sky

OK. How? Lol

My go :grin:


It’s a new gadc competition, best altering of my photo wins. Cracking effort. What u do that on?

That was lightroom Mobile app. You can create depth with shade and colour which really helps

Teach me o wise one. :grin:
I got alot to learn so will take any help offered