Best printer

This is for all you professionals in here, what’s the best printer to buy for home to get digital pictures to look as they do either on my phone or downloaded to my PC and do I need special colour matching software to go with it. I just have an A4 HP inkjet printer ???

have a look at the Epson ecotanks, the quality if very good and cheap to run, I have had my a4 nearly 12 months and not needed to buy any ink, my a3 ecotank is 3 years old and has cost me about £60 for ink

Thanks Steve will do :ok_hand:

if you want one , check rymans , the et2650 is £139 it comes with about 2 years of in in the box,

There was some recent discussion on printers here Dave, may also offer some insight :+1:t2:

What does “2 years of ink” mean?

I’ve only got through one-and-a-quarter reams of A4 in 11 years … and during that time the trend has been downward.

Someone else might kill a ream every 3 months.


I have a Epson ET4500 Ecotank printer,
Only filled the ink up once in 2 years!.