Best remote video/ picture storage unit

Hi guys I’m looking for some advise from all you knowledgable lot what’s the best storage device to get to store flight footage when on holiday or trips rather than on my iPad

I use a 4TB USB3 hard drive. Was about £95 quid on amazon think.

4GB is probably overkill for holiday use though.

With the price of MicroSD cards being so cheap now, especially with the Black Friday sales and such, you might be better of buying a few of those?

Guess it depends on how much storage you need?

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Cheers mate good advise :ok_hand:

Maybe In the 90’s :wink:


Thinking of future proofing…
A USB portable SSHD (solid state hard drive) is very rugged for travelling with.
A 1TB would be more than big enough for holiday storage
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers Steve much appreciated I’ll check the January sales :pray::ok_hand:

Thanks Steve much appreciated will have a look at the January sales​:pray::ok_hand:

Keep an eye out for these, nice kit

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 500 GB Up to 550 MB/s Read

Have 1 of these myself.

Set it up at home and upload and access videos and pictures from anywhere.

About £120 from Currys.

You take one of those on holiday? :open_mouth:

No need, it stays at home hooked up to my router and as long as I’ve got internet can access it from my phone, Mac book or `iPad.

How would you upload 30GB of data a day whilst on holiday?

I’ve wondered about one of these
How easy are they to setup ?
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Biggest issue with storage on the go is how you are going to transfer the files.

You can buy a USB-C HD for not much these days but you still need a laptop to transfer from SD card to the hard drive.

Not an issue if your taking one with you.

Spotted this the other day.

41KEK- bwCL.AC_SY400

It’s a travel router but has the added function of having a built in card reader, supports USB hard drives and has one touch transfer so no other device is needed.

It’s also a power bank so needs no power.

I’ve not tried it personally.

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Cheers I’m getting lots of good advise will keep my eyes open over next couple of weeks see what good deals I can get​:pray::ok_hand:

I bought a cheap one of these of eBay for about £8 works fine with my iPad after each session. I’m not a great photographer and if I take enough video I’m sure to get some good shots amid the crap :joy:I could just stick with the iPad for the holiday then transfer to my pc when I get home the additional cloud storage unit looks interesting though​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

The biggest problem will cloud storage will be the speed/cost of upload if using mobile abroad. And indeed hotels usually charge ££ for very poor speed wifi.

Most mobile tariffs that have unlimited data here at home usually have limits when roaming … both on quantity and speed, often being throttled for speed compared to home.

When I’m on holiday in pretty places, I can easily generate 30GB of data in a day - and I tend only to shoot 2.7k video, not 4K.

As someone has said, above, multiple SD cards are cheap/light … 64GBs seem to offer the best cost/capacity/hassle benefits … and when my laptop died on my long holiday in Italy, a few years back, this was my solution.

Personally … the RAV, above, not having any built in storage, hence meaning you still need other SD Cards / SSD / Hard Drive just means more complication/faff than I’d want.

Something like their RAVPower Mini External SSD Hard Drive is smaller, less to faff with, and has 512 GB storage built in, small, shockproof … all in one unit … iOS and Android compatible.
I’d only say that it’s a shame they don’t do a 1TB version.

Horses and courses, of course.

But how do you transfer the files on the SD card onto the hard drive?

That’s the purpose of the one above in combination with a normal HD.

You can transfer files that are on the iPad but are they not reduced quality?

Youd need a card reader for iPad, upload SD to iPad then transfer to HD.

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Dump to phone with an SD card reader then dump to external drive. All light weight - no wifi - quick.

An extra box I’d try to avoid. More cost/space/weight/things that can go wrong.

Cache files, yes. But you can still download full res versions to your device … but that’s not what I’d recommend since it’s slow over wireless and killing two batteries at the same time, one of which is the drone.

I always take the MacBook on my travels and external drives, adds little in weight.

I’ve never encountered this, in my most recent experiences Sky and Voda definitely don’t.

I have the older version, fantastic if you want to share paid hotel wifi with the kids or across multiple devices, also works well as a mini media server

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