#BestNine2018 on Instagram - share yours here

When I did my #bestnine2018 from my instagram account (https://2018bestnine.com) I found that not only we’re all my pictures drone photos,but all but one was taken as part of a GADC challenge!

So a big thank you to all the committee for organising the challenges which have help pushme to get out ther and really start to enjoy both my land and air photography :+1:

Please share your best nine here as well


3 Drax shots in mine.


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Despite my account having more non-drone bollox than drone … all but one of mine are drone pics … except one of Billy Monger, which is very cool! :+1:

Also interesting that all the drone pics are sunrise/sunset…ish - except the tall-ship.

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No way!!!

I’d never have believed it :rofl: