Betafpv advanced kit 2 - Feeling like I am getting there.. to the start of the journey

I am getting into FPV largely due to my frustration with the slightly robotic flying way of camera drones. I have a Parrot bebop2 that I sometime fly FPV but the impression is that you are always second guessing the flight controller and annoyed I can’t control the pitch for climbs and descent.

I got a BETAFPV advanced kit 2 and Liftoff after I calmed down following the DJI FPV release. I wanted something I could comfortably afford to replace so that I am not too worried about crashing it and small and light enough I can fly it inconspicuously on nearby playing fields.

I am impressed how well and smoothly it flies for something that small and with what I’ve figured out with the hours practicing on liftoff, now can fly a few batteries without incident. Even managed to pass through a (quite large) gap under the tree a few times.

I find that because you can’t just easily stop like on a GPS camera drone, I am forced to improve in ways that I was not with the Bebop2. The understanding of turns, pitch and throttle control is a steep learning curve but thanks to hours on the simulator, mostly without drama. Stability is a lot easier than I thought but dynamic flying will take me time so my goal of long range cinematic flight might not be as distant as I thought.

Now if I could stop swaying when I fly :slight_smile: