Better than caffeine!

I’ve just been out for an early morning bash about (seeing as I’ve had batteries charged for a couple of days and its been too damn windy and rainy to do anything with them!)

I’m back now and observing the symptoms I’ve come to the conclusion that FPV is better than caffeine as a heart starter in the morning! But like caffeine, seems to leave you jittery, unable to focus, babbling crap and wanting more! I used to think that 4 mins from a battery pack seemed a pretty poor amount of air time but its like an espresso. . .You seriously wouldn’t want more straight away. Come down, calm down, change the pack and then go again. . .


True words man. A nice rip before work sets the day off nice. Puts everything into perspective. Keeps your mind occupied on the important things for the day… nailing that move.


I’ve just started using 4s lipos instead of 3s, and it’s like adding a little sprinkling of Bolivian marching powder across the top of your macchiato… Whoeee… Quite noisy though!

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