Between gusts

I know it doesnt look it, but, gusts were very strong with total lulls most of the time. Didn’t dare going high and kept MM close. No colour editing, just cutting in Openshot.


very nice footage from the mini! ive got to go and have a serious look at one of these i recon

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It does what I want it to do. I guess it’s all I ever need having steadfastly decided that I’ll never be a "total dronie":grin:

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i think if uve set yor stall out with the mini then i suppose its best to go for it. I think for the filming i do it would struggle but then again i would never say i wouldnt buy one as i think its got a place in the drone market

I slowly trust it more and more!! Despite all the horror stories

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if it works for you buddy then it works

Keep within your flying limits and you will get loads of enjoyment from your drone,