Beware of too

You may remember the saga of Drones Direct lying about their stock levels in order to close a sale?

Seems like do the same thing too :rage:

In my continuing quest to find a single supplier in the UK that has a CrystalSky 7.85" in stock I was over the moon when I stumbled upon (never heard of them before) and their site said they had stock!

It was Saturday night so I couldn’t ring them to confirm this fact but I took a punt and ordered one…

Monday morning (just now), I rang them up to confirm stock, despite their web site saying “IN STOCK!” in big green letters…

“Oh, right, um, no… we don’t have any in yet”, they said, “but we’re expecting them soon.”

Yeah, you and the rest of the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: world mate!

Needless to say, I cancelled my order on the spot and requested a full refund.

Caveat emptor…

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Bad luck, mate. Sounds like we ought to start compiling a ‘black list’ of UK suppliers. Members should be warned about these cowboys.

Not sure if these guys actually have stock or not? No way of telling without a call. Why don’t they have stock status?

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Thanks @Peter :+1:

Just rang them, alas no stock… “we have some on back order with DJI…” he said :slight_smile:

Appreciate the heads up though, please shout if you spot any more likely sources :smiley:

You after the Ultra? Rich @PingSpike

No mate, this is a really old thread, I imported some last year after not being able to find any in the UK!


Bloody hell, just noticed the date.
Ha ha.
Think my eyes have gone!



Is this the same outfit

h t t p s://

as the link you posted doesn’t work anymore

The reason I ask is I got a phone call today from them on my mobile asking if I am interested to get into using drones commercially

A guy called James was very vague when I asked what he was offering

In the end, he said he will send me an email :man_shrugging:

Yeah, same firm Wayne :roll_eyes:

Looks like I added an extra w to their www domain name in my earlier post :roll_eyes:

Which is probably a good thing, we don’t want to be driving traffic to their site :blush:

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I should have noticed that :person_with_white_cane:

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A few years ago I signed up for one of their free webinars focused on making money from flying drones.

It was an utterly bizarre experience. Most of the hour seemed to be their founder Steve Coulson attempting to flog copies of his book, whilst talking about the importance of “growth mentality” and waking up at 5am. The others in the chat seemed to have a near-cult like reverence for him, which was borderline unsettling.

Safe to say I wasn’t tempted by any of their other services…

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They are very sales orientated. I have only used them once, to obtain a highly specialist payload from the USA for which at the time they were exclusive UK distributor. I had to pay up front and then wait for the order, it did arrive ok but I did nag them and was realistic about their offering so no crunched expectations. They go through fads, their current favourite is the Elios, their usp seems to be getting UK- exclusive distributor deals for high value oddball but commercial highly useful niche drone tools.

I dont use them for dji stuff as theres much more service orientated retailers out there. But sometimes its worth using them to source the oddball stuff as it means your contract is with a UK retailer so you have legal protection and can get your money back if the stuff never arrives (just pay at least a proportion with a credit card).

They do have a habit of using contacts gleaned from seminars to do follow up sales calls. Thats fine, thats why they invented such an easy “block number” function on mobile phones and if you put them off they give up pretty quickly. I think their seminars are mostly sales pitches TBH although there can be useful nuggets in there.

Caveat emptor and all that. They have their uses, just set your expectations realistically.


I’ve used Coptrz a few times for PfCO training and also the GVC course and they’ve been pretty good. However, they seemed to have moved away from being classroom based and now just sell access to their web based content instead.