Big Brother inside my Drone

The App for my Powereggx was updated today and one of the new features was this:

At least I have the option to turn it off, after reading and acknowledging the legal blurb.


CAAC, as in, China?

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With all the silly stuff with Huawei and DJI in Muricaland I don’t see this boding particularly well for Powervision, if when enabled my activities end up on a Chinese Government server. If I was doing the job I was doing before my early retirement this would have been treated as a severe security breach.

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I think it’s time to send an email to my Euro Powervision Deep Throat source.

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This is the reason the UK military has banned the flight of most UAV’s apart from 5 from trusted brands. And also the reason I got my inspire so cheap :+1:t2:

Please share?

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I will get back to you. I know one is parrot.

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No biggie, just curious :slight_smile:

I’m guessing the reference to 5 approved drones is the US Department of Defense’s announcement earlier this year. I’ve not seen one about the UK MoD.


I wonder what data these folks would ever want from a recreational drone that they haven’t already got from their satellites ?? If they are accessing mine then they are welcome to plot whatever they want in the wilds of Wales lol

The overall goal is for real-time traffic management of SUAV’s. In my example China are one of the first regions to put this into practice. The USA is moving to implement it in the next year or so for all remotely piloted model aircraft, though the head of the FAA kind of let slip in a recent zoom conference that it might only be applicable to models operating between 300ft and the max ceiling hight of 400ft AGL.

Even though I read the update notes prior to updating the APP for my PEX I’m still somewhat critical of Powervision implementing this globally. Plus if you’re one who doesn’t read the update notes you may not be aware that your flight data is being stored on a Chinese Government Server. The ability to disable this, as I have done, is not documented and you have to closely go through the APP in order to find the switch.

In the SIGINT world there are still legal requirements that Governments are supposed to abide by and contravention can have serious impacts on a global scale. This is the reason for the storm over Huawei’s 5G and the US Governments stance on DJI drones. In the SIGINT arena it’s not the content of a communication that provides most intelligence but rather the META data. So in a way you are right to ask why would the Chinese be interested in your hobby flight? And the truth is they’re not but they would certainly be interested in the routing information, what networks it passed through, to get to them and if there would be any value in exploiting that network.

Time to get back in my Faraday Cage and don my lead lined skull cap.


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Funny, I imagined a shed lined with egg boxes.

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Only if stuck over aluminium foil of course. ppfftt

Well, well, and thrice well.

It would appear that the data forwarding feature in the APP was a “Bug”. An update was released two days ago and this “Bug” appears to be no longer a “feature”.

If I get the time I’ll put my lead lined cap back on and dig through the APP to ensure they haven’t just deleted the ability to turn it off.



I have been unable to find documents supporting the above however if you Google RA1600 & RA1602 they are the regulatory articles released by the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) they are very convoluted, However I am assured that off the back of thier release very few drone manufacturers are compliant.