Big Meet 2023 9th-11th June at Corby - Coords: 52.458432, -0.595914

For a mere £3 from a dodgy car boot sale, we have further attire for the pilot who crashes their drone.
As well as the pink tutu you will have to wear, you will also be obliged to put on Sam Fox’s wig and have your picture plastered on Grey Arrows.


Makes note to avoid the camera as I successfully achieved last year!

Tbh we just need an entire wardrobe for the FPV gang. Us switching every 2 minutes was a pain :rofl::rofl:

OOOOOOOOH Take me big boy!

No problem. My hair is like that anyway!

Just found a nice camper to use for the meet:


Youre going to need a bigger landing mat for that thing Rob :laughing:

Hi guys.

Seeing as we’ll have a fair few people attending, we are thinking of having a stall, manned by trusted people taking it in turns, to sell whatever drone stuff you would like to part with.

It’s simple. You put your item on the table with your name (or screen name) and price. If someone is interested in knowing more or would like a test flight or electrical test (in the case of, for example, fpv equipment), it can be sorted there and then. Either cash or whatever you decide.

Obviously, deals that are done are entirely at your own risk.

I know my misses will help out as she’ll have nothing to do, and I can man it, but if anyone else would like to help, that would be smashing.


Oh well, if it’s going to cause problems I’ll bring my other motorhome.

I’ll help out as I have a fair amount of tatt quality second-user equipment I can sell. Not sure I can live up to the requirement for “trusted people” though …

One man and his dog is more than enough for me

Can we add a hand-launching (and landing) master class in to the day somewhere?

A lot of people are quite wary of either taking off, or landing, on their hands. Others are experts at it. We should share our knowledge and experience to help those who are less sure :blush:


Offer does not extend to FPV drones :see_no_evil:

:face_with_head_bandage: :ambulance:

Yes, we can cover that, maybe enlist @DeanoG60 to help me :+1:

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I can demo hand catching DJIFPV :wink:

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That’s no use! … NO GLOVES!

GLOVES??? What are you, a wuss???

A “wristie” sounds like something you might purchase from a Lady of Negotiable Affection. :laughing:

Can I pilot it while you do? :thinking:

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