Big Meet 2023, 9th-11th June - DETAILS UPDATED IN FIRST POST

Just tested my 20 year old Ring inverter and compared it against 230v mains sine wave

Closed enough :smiley: to a pure :wink:


Nice oscilloscope!

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Tell me more about this water tap…

Where is it, in relation to where we’ll be camping?

Is it drinking water? :thinking:

No water will be drunk during the weekend.


By humans, agreed.

What about our four legged friends though :blush:

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Last year it was about 50m walk. But I think it will be more 100-200m this time.
It is drinking water, similar to what you get on campsites

According to my watch, I’ve walked 7.4 miles today so 200m shouldn’t be a problem :blush:

Good to know it’s drinking water though, thanks @notveryprettyboy (or should I say, Madam Swish) :+1:t2:

Just rebuilt my Evoque 5" ready for the Big Meet, might replace the motor wires to the esc board as there are some nicks in some of the wires but I have at least one quad to fly :smiley: Gotta do a bit of work putting the ‘Snail’ back together next :snail:

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Any plans for a speed record run ?

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Maybe Chris :smirk: I dont know if I can get it to go any faster as at those speeds the wind resistance is the biggest obstacle and I cant really get its footprint any smaller but will definitely have a try or 2 lol

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Did you end up building a record breaker for the Big Meet Howard?

Nah couldn’t be arsed as had limited time this year.
Maybe next time

Thats a shame mate :confused: look forward to a drag race next year

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I have one of those Bestek inverters for charging my laptop while i’m out in the van.

If you couple your leisure battery with a cheap 100w solar panel and a cheap PWM charge controller it will probably stay topped up enough to use for the weekend. Or alternatively a VSR from your car battery to the leisure battery.

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Kinda gone the other way. Moved most of 4 & 5 inch to digital and have a couple of cinewhoops now.

Gonna focus on cinematic this year

Fairplay, cinematic fpv is pretty awesome :star_struck:

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Got a go pro 11 so need to make the most of it

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Got any recommendations?

Also I sent you a message on fb.

Sorry, you would have probably discovered that I don’t go there very often. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll login and reply.

As to what panel. i use full size framed panels, but honestly for the times you might use it, a cheap semi flexible might do the job and will be substantially cheaper (and lighter) than the aluminium framed ones. Cheapest i saw on Ebay was about £30 for a panel and controller, but the longevity of such a panel is unknown. The ones i bought were £70 each, bought for my transit when i had it.

So your best bet is a rigid one if you want to keep using it every time you go away. Cost varies. you could also get something bigger than 100w. Say you found a 160w or 200w for a decent price, or even something bigger. The best big but small panel is the Perlight 290w, measures in at roughly 1x1.6m. Needs a 20-30A controller, but would give you enough power generation for most things.

For something fairly cheap, but useful.
100w Panel - £65

10A PWM Charge Controller - £6

30A Circuit breaker - £7

Basically wire the positive cable from the solar panel to the breaker to the charge controller and only power up when it’s connected to a 12V battery. You will also want a fused battery cable. Can’t seem to find any reasonably priced ones on ebay. You only need to handle a maximum of 5A, so maybe use 4-6mm cable and put an inline blade fuse holder somewhere towards the battery terminal on the positive lead. Something like below, but you don’t need 5m of cable, like maybe 2m tops. My own harness cable is 1m.

Everything beyond that I would leave to you. Personally i use a 12V distribution box connected to my leisure battery and run all inputs and outputs from it.

Then breakout from there to two smaller fuse boards. But I run mine in my van. So the battery is connected to both a VSR, charge controller, two fuse boards and potentially an inverter. It seemed a better idea to use mega/midi fuses for those. The secondary fuse boards are for the other circuits (lights, usb sockets, etc).

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Cheap and cheerful would be good. I won’t use it often at all.

Most of my camping is for reenactment and then electrics are hardly used at all and solar panels are not an option.